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"Zhat vould be gutt. It vould be nice to not be so uncomfortable all zhe time." Then again being alone in a room for a few years can really hinder one’s ability to be social. 

"Danke." It had been a long time since someone was actually happy to meet the medic. It was a nice change of pace. "Oh Mein name ist difficult fur many people! Und I have come to like zhe little nickname."

Once the leg was revealed to him Tie didn;t so much as bat an eye. He was a doctor after all. He had seen worse. Much worse.

"Ouch. Zhat sounds razher uncomfortable." Kneeling down to get a better look, delicate hands took the leg as he gently felt the swollen flesh. 

"Fur a scout zhis is probably bad news but it might be broken. You are razher tough. Had I known zhe injury vas zhis bad I vouldn’t have had you valk on it. Um lay down, bitte. I vant you to elevate zhe leg. I vill have to remove your shoe und sock to get a better look as vell."

"Yeah, I know that feeling," he said, forcing a small smile at that, and trying to ignore the throbbing in his leg, "I’m sure we can both like, be able to, you know, ehehe, learn to be okay talking to people, you know. Then again, I need to learn how to talk better before that, ehehe…"

"Hey, it’s all cool," he said then, with another nod, and another smile, this one a little more genuine, "Oh, ehehe, that’s good. It’s quite nice that you don’t mind it, I mean, ehehe…" he added then.

At least the doctor didn’t seem too worried about the state of his leg, despite his own initial shock when he had looked at it himself. He didn’t realise it had looked that bad, having not looked at it at all since the battle had ended. 

"Ehehe… it does feel quite uncomfortable," he said then. He hoped that sounded like he was trying to make a small joke, as opposed to sounding snarky or cheeky. 

"Ah crap… ehehe, excuse the language," he said then, on realsiing that a cuss had slipped out, "Ehehe… thanks… it’s all right… I didn’t know either."

Perhaps it was having been through worse before had made him unaware of the damage.

"No problem, that’s fine. I just appreciate the help," he said, as he started to move to change his position, "You want me to do take those off?"

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Shawn stared at the BLU clone—Scout.  The hell does this guy want from me?  He thought.  Why is he being so nice?  Is this a trap?!

Shawn put his hands on his hips.  ”Yeah, I’m new.  So what?”

Russell chose not to come any closer at that point. Sure, it meant that he could still be shot easily, but at least he wouldn’t seem overbearing, right?

"Just saying… ehehe… not insulting you," he said, awkwardly, "I hadn’t seen you around or on the field, or nothing, so I just figured."

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Jack was a loud person and it was easy for him to express his anger, so if he didn’t show himself angry, he wasn’t. As simple as that. What he did notice was that he should better cut his rambling a little. The scout didn’t seem to be fully understanding his point. “I don’t think it’s about understanding. We can’t really help it and that’s not something we like to hear. Ignorance is bliss.” with this, he considered that topic closed. At least he had the consideration to avoid spatting at his face that he was an ignorant fool, like he had done before.

He laughed, a little bitterly when Russell talked so happily about how people like him could do ‘clever things’. “This doesn’t mean that some of them aren’t idiots. A title only says you have some skills, not that you’re a decent human being with a minimum of intelligence.” he complained a little. Probably, he had met some people ho could serve as example but he wasn’t in the mood to mention them.

"Hm… you have a point." he admitted when he mentioned Medics. "But one can never be too sure that they haven’t done anything to themselves in order to be so fast. Who knows?" he shrugged as he kept organizing things. For some reason, he kicked an empty box out of his way when he went to fetch another one. There were barely two left to open. This one held, apparently, a bunch of junk. 

"Thank you for being so positive about me, kid." he said. "When you’re done with that, you can leave if you want. You don’t need to be bossed around by anyone here, don’t let them tell you otherwise."

"Ehehe… I guess that makes sense. I mean, even if something is true, it can be hard to hear if itsn’t liked very much or a harsh thing that’s true," he added, with a small nod, "Well, yeah, that is true as well, ehe, like no news is good news, or however that goes."

Russell fell silent and tried not to react to the man’s laughing. He only remained silent for the time being, not wanting to accidentally offend the guy.

"Well, that is true, ehehe…" he said, rubbing the back of his neck, but not wanting to agree too much. The guy was an engineer after all, and had clearly earned that title. He didn’t exactly want to imply that the guy was an idiot despite having some skills, "You still seem pretty smart though, ehe, just saying…"

"Well, I do try to be a good human person, you know despite not always knowing how to go about it," he admitted, with another awkward chuckle escaping his lips. 

"I guess that’s true too, maybe they like, give themselves a charge on their guns, or even take something before the battle," he said, "Maybe they drink Bonk behind our backs," he hoped he sounded lighthearted when he said that.

"Ehehe, that’s not a problem," he replied then, with a small smile, "It’s been nice to meet you, you know."

On that comment, perhaps it would be best. He had been here a while and sometimes people just needed to be alone.

"All right, thanks, man," he said then, with a nod, as he finished up just as he said that, "You have a good day."

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Russell can’t help but jump a little, immediately turning around. His heartbeat quickens at the sight of the robotic medic, but he doesn’t do anything just yet.

"Hey, ehehe…" he only says, continuing to gaze at the bot. 

"Ja. Letting it go for a few seconds lets zhe can settle, und don’t spray it vhen moving it to zhe next disc. Zhat disturbs zhe side und zhe reader. Vhen done properly, zhe procedure should take a tops of 2 minutes."

Tesla didn’t exactly notice how giddy Russell seemed to be about this. ….Anyone could get giddy about messing with people’s brains, though.

"Okay… I think I got it… ehehe…" Russell said,with a small nod. He swallowed though, hesitating.

He was careful to take the can and slowly approach. His gaze became fixed on the medic’s head, and he tried to gulp down that persistent lump in his throat.

"I… ehehe… I’m not sure I should do this…" he said then, his tone nervous, as he stood there, "It’s just… I dunno… what if if I completely fuck it up? Ehehe…"

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Russell can’t help but jump a little, immediately turning around. His heartbeat quickens at the sight of the robotic medic, but he doesn’t do anything just yet.

"Hey, ehehe…" he only says, continuing to gaze at the bot. 

"Zhat vould be good, yes."

It wouldn’t take much time, considering there were 2 of them and only about 8 discs. 

"Vonce you haff it, you have to put it like zhis," He demonstrated how one would hold the can to spray it and to remove dust. "Und zhen just let it go for a couple seconds. 15 vorks best."

"Okay…" he slowly walked up, his shoulders quivering with restrained laughter now. He had to stop; he really did.

"Okay… ehehe…" he only said again, but this time, letting the laugh just slip out, as though trying to pretend he hadn’t noticed it do so.

"I think I got that," he said thoughtfully, before frowning a little, "So spray it for fifteen seconds and let go for a couple seconds… ehehe… is that what you’re saying?"